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Clinic for Zoo Animals, Exotic Pets and Wildlife


The Clinic of Zoo Animals, Exotic Pets and Wildlife offers a variety of obligatory and facultative teaching units that cover various aspects of our discipline. We recommend that students interested in our disciplin

  • plan to attend our facultative teaching units well in advance (they may not be offered each year, e.g. the ZRC, or you may not get a free position when you want it the first time)
  • get into contact with us:
  • participate actively (with questions/discussions) in our teaching units, so that we get to know you
  • familiarize yourself with the research performed at our clinic, using the ZORA system of the University of Zurich to screen publications by clinic members in recent years
  • talk about your interests and your study plan (and your career/life plan) with us (make an appointment)
  • talk about your intention to do a master, doctoral or PhD thesis or to do a residency well in advance (years, not weeks)
  • inform yourself about other education opportunities, e.g. the MSc in Wild Animal Health, and then talk about them with us

We aim to entertain long-term relationships with students/postgraduates/postdocs interested in our disciplines. Due to limited resources (in terms of money and time), we may not be able to entertain as many of such relationships as we would like to. Starting early is one way to increase the chances that you will fall into an available time/money slot.

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