Invited Lectures

We offer a variety of lectures, workshops, or seminars on different topics related to our research profile and our clinical work.

This offer is aimed at veterinary organisations, zoos (curator or keepers), other universities, research institutes.

Lectures and workshops include presentations on Fracture repair in birds, Special topics in exotic animal medicine (e.g. workshops in endoscopy, osteosynthesis, dental care, in-house laboratory diagnistics), Feeding of zoo animals and exotic pets (e.g. workshops for zoo personnell, pet breeders etc.), and Comparative digestive anatomy and physiology of vertebrates (e.g. special topics such as browser/grazer; hingut/foregut fermenter etc).

Click here for lectures of Jean-Michel Hatt and Marcus Clauss

Please contact Jean-Michel Hatt or Marcus Clauss if you would like to receive more information regarding a lecture/workshop on a specific topics.