Teaching at other institutions

MSc Course in Wild Animal Health (for veterinarians) MSc Course in Wild Animal Conservation (for biologists)

within this MSc program, the Clinic offers two modules

Topic: Problem-Based Learning – Duiker Management
Duration: 2 2-hour tutorials with 14 days of self-study in between, followed by a written homework
Aims: Setting up medical and husbandry guidelines for a (group of) species on a scientific basis
Course notes: Journal papers, book chapters
web-based application http://elbanet.ethz.ch/wikifarm/jhatt/
Topic: Digestive physiology and feeding of herbivores, including anatomical demonstrations
Duration: 1.5-hour lecture and a 1.5-hour anatomical demonstration
Aims: Learning basic concepts of herbivore digestive anatomy and physiology and their relevance for the feeding of captive wild animals
Course notes: handout